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  1. How do I winterize my pool?
    Click on this link for winterizing instructions.

  2. Which system do I have?
    Vanquish is for vinyl pools and Vantage is for one piece fiber glass pools.
    PCC, PV3, Pool Valet, and Cyclean are all systems that are for concrete pools.
    Eco Pool system is a circulation and heating system for concrete pools.
    Compare the pictures of the cleaning heads under the names above on concrete pools to determine the system you have.

  3. What pressure on the water valve gauge should my system operate at?
    Anywhere from 14 psi to 24 psi with maximum cleaning happening about 18 to 22 psi with the correct nozzle sizes installed.
    NOTE: Nozzle size will affect the psi on the system and how well it cleans. The system is designed and specified with certain sizes at each location. Consult the Paramount supplied plan for correct sizes.
    NOTE: DISTANCE FROM THE POOL AND PIPE SIZE AS WELL AS NUMBER OF TURNS IN THE PIPE (90 degree ells) can all increase or decrease the pressures and a clean pool is the true test.

  4. How do I tell if the water valve module needs replacing?
    When a piston fails a head or set of heads will stay in the up position until the pump is turned off and then they will drop down. The pressure on the gauge of the water valve will be less than normal.
    Exception: the PCC system may have one, two, or three fixed nozzles that are opposite the main drain that are not cycled by the water valve.

  5. What HP pump should I replace my old pump with?
    DO NOT GO BY HP, the criteria for a pool with a single pump running the cleaning system along with the filter and possibly the heater is that you need a pump that products a minimum of 65 gpm at 80 foot of head. On a pool with a booster pump operating the cleaning system you will need 60 gpm at 65 ft of head. If the pool store does not know how to find this information then you are buying from the wrong place!

  6. My water valve is leaking after I took it apart, what should I do?
    Take it apart and clean the o-ring and both the base with the o-ring grove and the lid of the water valve, then when you put it together tap on the clamp on the opposite sides of the clamp from the nut you are tightening to make it draw up properly, while tightening the nut.

  7. When I have two water valves and one has a module with tubes attaching 3 pistons on one side how should it go into the base?
    The three pistons on the module that are attached with tubes go over the cut out section of the valve base with the two plugged holes and an open hole between them.

  8. Where can I get a security screw driver for working on my Main Drain or Side Drains?
    These tools are not available to the home owner and those products should not be disassembled by any one that is not trained or qualified. You should call trained people such as your pool builder and many pool service companies.

  9. Why did my pool builder not give me a tool to remove the cleaning heads in my pool?
    Cleaning heads have different size jets in them and many pool builders feel the home owner would not be aware that each head must go back in the body it came from. The head lay out is designed by Paramount and the nozzle sizing must be per plan or the system may not work properly.

  10. How do water falls, solar heating, spa spillovers, in-line chlorinators and dirty filters effect my cleaning system?
    All of these things take away flow and pressure from the in-floor cleaning system. When the in-floor system does not have proper flow and power it will not clean properly. Contact Technical Support at Paramount Pool and Spa Products via email at support@poolnspastore.com or call +1 (510) 945-1197 to get help on whether or not you can add any of these things to your pool and how they would affect the clean ability of the in-floor system.

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