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Pool Valet

Pool Valet Cleans Your Pool So You Don't Have To!

Your Family Can Swim In A Cleaner, Healthier Pool With This 
In-Floor Cleaning System!

The Pool Valet is an invisible, automatic pool cleaning system that operates quietly and efficiently while you enjoy your pool.  Guaranteed to clean more than 99% of your pool including the pool floor, walls, steps, love seats, swim-outs and even attached spas! Pool Valet is the simplest In-Floor cleaning system built to last a lifetime with no moving parts.

Unlike unsightly robotic pool cleaners with floating hoses that interfere with swimming, the Pool Valet is built into your pool, so you hardly know its there.

Circulation: The Pool Valet Advantage
The Pool Valet is a revolutionary water circulation system that actually improves pool water quality by effectively circulating chemically treated pool water to all areas of the pool. Conventional water return lines and pool cleaners leave chemicals layered on or near the surface resulting in bacteria and algae growth.


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